Spooky Safety Series – A ZIF Initiative

For Halloween 2023, the Real Scary Story series was launched under the Zero Injuries Framework. This series aimed to create awareness through a series of fictional “scary stories” relevant to those working in hazardous environments. For example, working at a height on board a maritime vessel or in a harsh climate in the Arctic circle. 

We hope to inspire a fear of taking unnecessary risks in order to complete work or ignoring standard safety procedures. 

spooky safety series

A Real Scary Story #1 - Jake Works at Height

As the moon hung low in the inky black sky, casting eerie shadows across the desolate deck of the cargo ship, the lone crew member, Jake, found himself assigned to an eerie and unsettling task. He had been warned countless times about the dangers of working from a height without proper safety equipment, but the urgency of the situation left him with no other choice.


The ship had encountered a fierce storm that rocked it mercilessly for hours, causing one of the massive cargo containers to come loose from its moorings high above the deck. The creaking and groaning of the ship only added to the eerie atmosphere as Jake’s flashlight flickered in the howling wind.

Wearing nothing but a rain-soaked jumpsuit, Jake reluctantly climbed up the rusted, rickety ladder that led to the container high above. His heart raced as he ascended, the metal beneath his trembling hands feeling cold and unforgiving. The ship continued to sway violently, making his ascent all the more treacherous.

As he reached the top, Jake’s hands were numb from the biting cold, and the wind was so fierce that it threatened to knock him off balance. He had no safety harness, no helmet, nothing but his own wits to protect him. He knew that one wrong move, one slip, and he would plummet to his doom, becoming just another ghostly tale of the sea.

Jake finally reached the container and assessed the situation. He had to secure the cargo back in place before it could cause further damage to the ship. His heart pounded as he worked frantically, every second feeling like an eternity. Just when he thought he couldn’t hold on any longer, the container was secure. Jake let out a sigh of relief, his breath visible in the frigid air. He slowly began to descend the ladder, his legs feeling like jelly, and his pulse slowly returning to a more normal rhythm.

He had faced the very real horrors of working from a height without proper equipment in the midst of a storm. Working without proper safety equipment on the high seas was a gamble with life itself, and not everyone was as fortunate as Jake to escape its clutches.

A Real Scary Story #2- Engineer Mark Repairs A generator

Late one stormy night, in a dimly lit industrial plant, an engineer named Mark found himself on the brink of a horrifying encounter. He was tasked with repairing a malfunctioning generator deep within the belly of the factory. The generator room was a gloomy and eerie place. The overhead lights flickered ominously, casting eerie shadows across the cold, damp walls. The incessant rain outside added to the ominous atmosphere, with thunder and lightning punctuating the air.

Mark, determined to complete his task, was acutely aware of the high-voltage danger that lurked around every corner. However, his eagerness to get the job done quickly had him cutting corners, and he didn’t pay the proper attention to safety protocols. 

As he reached for the frayed wires dangling dangerously close to a puddle of water on the floor, a deafening clap of thunder made him jump. His trembling hand missed the mark, and the wrench he was holding clanged against a metal conduit, sending a shower of sparks in all directions.

The electrical current surged, arcing wildly in the water as if it had a mind of its own. Mark, frozen in terror, watched in horror as the deadly tendrils of electricity danced ominously before his eyes. It was an electrocution waiting to happen. In that split second, Mark’s training kicked in, and he remembered the safety procedures he had ignored. 

He hastily backed away, heart pounding, as the electrical storm raged on, inches from his life. The rain outside intensified, and the eerie, flickering lights dimmed further. Mark realized the peril he had put himself in by neglecting safety measures. With trembling hands and a racing heart, he powered down the generator, ensuring that the terrifying dance of electricity ceased.


Safe at last, Mark left the generator room, soaked in sweat and rain, with a newfound respect for the dangers that could have claimed his life. A harrowing reminder that in the world of engineering, neglecting proper care can be a recipe for disaster.

A Real Scary Story #3- Setting up equipment in the arctic

In the remote, desolate wilderness of Alaska, a team of oil rig workers embarked on a high-stakes mission to install critical equipment in a hazardous, frozen environment. The bitter cold, howling winds, and treacherous terrain were all formidable adversaries, but the real danger lurked in their own complacency. As they arrived at the remote site, the foreman, Jim, couldn’t help but feel an unease in the pit of his stomach. They were in a race against time; the company needed the equipment installed urgently. With the Arctic night descending upon them and temperatures plummeting to deadly lows, the team was under immense pressure.

Desperation led to carelessness. As they set up the massive drilling machinery, they cut corners in their haste to finish the job. They ignored safety protocols, dismissing the warnings about the fragile ice and permafrost that could give way beneath them. The chilling cold penetrated their bones as they worked tirelessly through the night. Exhaustion clouded their judgment, and they overlooked signs of danger, like the ominous creaking sounds from beneath the ice.

The frozen earth beneath them was alive, but they paid it no mind. Then, in the darkness, a deafening roar echoed through the frozen landscape. The ground beneath the rig gave way with a horrifying, splintering crack. Panic set in as the massive machinery and the platform it stood on tumbled into the abyss, taking several workers with it.

Frozen in terror, Jim watched in horror as his team and the expensive equipment vanished into the frigid depths. The shrieks of his coworkers filled the night air, only to be abruptly silenced as they disappeared into the icy abyss. Jim knew that their disregard for the environment and their negligence had led to this catastrophic outcome. He called for help, but the isolation of the Arctic wilderness made rescue slow and treacherous.

 The authorities arrived, and a grim silence fell over the site as they recovered the bodies of the fallen workers and the wreckage of the equipment. It was a chilling reminder of what can happen when proper precautions are disregarded in a hazardous environment

the zero injuries framework

Also known as ZIF, the Zero Injuries framework is Vivo Asia’s health and safety policy, to ensure the well-being of all our employees and those we work with.  Our work can often be hazardous and we strive to have zero injuries or incidents during any of our projects. 

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