Our Expert Team

Meet our expert team at Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading, spanning multiple countries and cultures. 

Management Team

nalin singapore team

Managing Director/ Business Development Manager

oshan singapore team

General Manager

Gayani team member
Gayani Somarathna

Manager – Human Resources

Samadi Withana - Finance Executive
Samadi Withana

Director – Sri Lanka Operations

Engineering & projects Team

roman singapore team

Senior Telecom/ ELV Technician

Zahidul singapore team

Telecom/ ELV Technician

hossain singapore team

Telecom/ ELV Technician

haque singapore team

Telecom/ ELV Technician

Tharaka Sandhakalum -

Engineering Manager

Chanaka Nawarathna

Telecom/ ELV Drafting Designer

Thushara Denagama

Telecom/ ELV Drafting Designer

Kosala Kalpage

Telecom/ ELV Engineer

Tharindu Nawarathne

Electrical and ELV Engineer

Palaninathan Sabesan

Electrical Engineer

Damith Rajapaksha

Telecom/ ELV Drafting Designer

D. M. Lahiru Chathuranga Dasanayake

Junior Designer

B.A.T Tharanga Team Vivo

Telecom/ ELV Drafting Designer

SL Team Dasun

Telecom/ ELV Drafting Designer

Prabath - Telecom/ ELV Drafting Designer

Telecom/ ELV Drafting Designer

rahal rodrigo

Electronic and Electrical Engineer


Electrical/ ELV Engineer

Telecom/ ELV Drafting Designer

Marketing & Sustainability Team

Miquelaa Fernando - Communications Specialist

Corporate Communications and Sustainability Specialist

Team Organization Chart

We continue to grow our expert team as our reliable systems and engineering services become more popular in the industry. 

2024 organization chart

Team Trainings

Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading Ltd Pte believes in investing in our employees so that they develop not only technical skills but also inter-personal skills. We have dedicated a online learning portal where our employees can access training courses.