Dangerous work environment

Systems For The Harshest Environments​

The most Dangerous Jobs

Many people around the world risk their lives daily, as they work in some of the most dangerous jobs in hazardous environments and the worst weather conditions. 

The Reader’s Digest named the following as among the ‘Most Dangerous Jobs in the World’ in 2022: Lumberjacks, Trash and Recycling Collectors, Underwater Welders, Oilfield Workers, Deep-Sea Fishermen and Aircraft pilot and flight engineers.

The most dangerous jobs- offshore oil rigs
The most dangerous jobs- lumberjack

Communication in Time of emergency

It is important in these industries to have special systems and procedures to ensure the safety of all involved and to be prepared for emergency situations. For example, in the instance of an accident, a sudden explosion or a weather anomaly. 

In times of emergency, one of the key factors to prevent a complete disaster is a means of clear communication. By ensuring clear communication, safety instructions and disaster mitigation protocols can be implemented accurately and efficiently.

systems for the most dangerous jobs
systems for the most dangerous jobs

Reliable systems

Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading specializes in the provision of several essential communication systems for the most dangerous jobs. This includes: PAGA Systems, Emergency Voice Communication Systems, Page Party and Intercom Systems, Radio Systems (VHF-FM, VHF-AM, UHF), Non-Directional Beacons, Helideck Monitoring and Lighting Systems, Digital Communication Systems, VSAT systems, GMDSS, Ship Safety Alert System, Ship to Shore Communication Systems and Fleet Broadband. 

systems for maritime vessels

Our designers are familiar with different standards such as ABS, DNV and Lloyds, ensuring the highest compliance to applicable IMO/ SOLAS regulations. Our team is experienced and skilled in integrating these systems, and interfacing with existing systems for upgrades. We work with well-known and industry-recognized brands for providing weather-proof and explosion-proof equipment for the systems we supply.   

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Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading follows a core company policy of ‘Zero Injuries’. We have adopted several stringent workplace health and safety standards which are embedded in our methods and services. We serve a global clientele and are located in Singapore (Head Office), Sri Lanka and Indonesia. 

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