Site Testing and Commissioning

Why is it critically important to have the right team for site testing & commissioning?

Clients from various industries such as maritime, petrochemical and utilities rely on Telecom, IT and ELV systems to carry out their operations in a safe and secure manner. Although the telecom package is small in value compared to electrical or instrumentation it is usually an essential requirement to have a telecom system for starting operations.

Despite many systems being standardized, each project brings about unique needs, requirements, and compliances. New systems and equipment must complement existing systems and be user friendly. Therefore, site testing and commissioning is an essential and integral part of the project execution process. 

maritime communication systems

The Key Objectives of Site Testing and Commissioning  

Site Testing and Commissioning has several key objectives

  1. A contractual obligation to prove the system and equipment, 
  2. To check the operation of the system as required and specified, 
  3. To check that the system capacity is adequate and 
  4. To identify and rectify any defects.  
Site testing and commissioning

The Vivo Asia Team

Our clients typically operate in high pressure environments, where it is imperative to meet a certain sail off date, first oil or start of operations. Therefore, having the right team is of the utmost importance.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the industry, equipping them with the knowledge and training to handle a range of emergencies and demanding situations. They have also been trained in a methodical and efficient way of service that sets us apart in the industry, ensuring a professional and streamlined service. Moreover, the Team is agile and quick to react to the needs of our clients, ensuring that complex projects are completed on time. 

Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading recognizes that people are our most valued assets, and as a company, we continue to invest in training our people in the latest skills and meeting the most stringent safety requirements of our esteemed clients. 

Beyond site testing and commissioning

Besides the testing & commissioning of the systems supplied, Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading provides: Fiber Optic Termination & Testing (OTDR), Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7 Cable Termination, Testing & Certification, Coaxial Cable Termination & Testing, System Maintenance Services. 

Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading also complements our site testing and commissioning services with highly accurate coverage studies using state of the art simulations. This ensures that systems can be designed with higher accuracy.

Our expert engineering team offers the following services: AutoCAD Drafting Services, BIM Modelling Services, Sound Coverage Studies, Radio Coverage Studies, WIFI Coverage Studies, CCTV Coverage Studies, and System Design Services (with compliance to national and international standards). 

Engineering can seem complex and intimidating when a clear process is not followed. Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading believes that with the right team, engineering can be simple.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements! 

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