working on board an FPSO in dubai

Working on Board an FPSO

Before working on board an FPSO (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading), several crucial factors should be considered to ensure successful project execution and operational safety. 

key considerations

Safety and Risk Assessment

Safety is of paramount importance when working on an FPSO. Before commencing any engineering activities, conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate control measures. It is imperative that those going on board be well versed in workplace safety procedures and wear the proper protective gear. 

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with relevant industry regulations, standards, and classifications is essential. Adhering to these guidelines will ensure that the FPSO meets the necessary safety, environmental, and operational requirements. Other key considerations include sea area of operation, flag state and classification society. 

ELV systems for FPSOs

Project Planning and Scope Definition

Thorough project planning and clear scope definition are vital to ensure a smooth execution of engineering work on an FPSO. Establish specific goals, objectives, and deliverables for the project. Proper planning minimizes operational disruptions and optimizes project timelines. 

Team Vivo in Dubai

Tharaka and Roman, members of Team Vivo from Singapore and Sri Lanka, are currently in Dubai to work on board a Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO). 

They are upgrading a PAGA system and a PABX system, optimizing them for better operational efficiency and safety.

 An FPSO can be a dangerous place of work, with highly combustible and flammable substances and requirements for work at height and heavy machinery use.

The team is well versed in safety standards through the Zero Injuries Framework, and are familiar with the industry. 

Engineering Expertise and Resources

Ensure that the engineering team possesses the required expertise and qualifications to handle the specific tasks involved in the project. Adequate resource allocation and competence ensure that the engineering work is performed efficiently and effectively.

Documentation and Record Keeping

Maintain comprehensive documentation and record-keeping throughout the engineering work. Accurate documentation facilitates future maintenance, troubleshooting, and regulatory compliance audits. 

working on board an FPSO

get the Right Team

Vivo Asia specializes in the supply, design and integration of Telecom, IT & ELV Systems for harsh and hazardous environments. The team is well versed in equipment and safety requirements for the FPSO industry, ensuring a streamlined and professional project procedure. 

The team takes into consideration all the above factors combined with communication and stakeholder management to ensure a high quality of customer service. 

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