Looking Ahead To 2024

Happy New Year! We are looking ahead to 2024 being an even more successful year, as we aim to grow sustainably. 

While celebrating 10 years of industry experience in 2023, we were kept busy with new projects, clients and partners.

Vivo Asia saw a 42% growth in revenue and 56% growth in employees, a necessary expansion to meet rising demand for our engineering services. 

looking ahead to 2024

Key Goals of 2024

Expanding our Operations in Dubai and London

We are happy to announce that Vivo Asia is now in London, United Kingdom, to better cater to our clients’ needs in the region. 

Our expert engineering services are now more available in the EMEA region, bolstered by our offices in  Dubai (UAE) and London (UK). 

looking ahead to new offices in 2024

Incorporating Sustainability Processors

Vivo Asia has recognised the importance of growing sustainably. We have renewed our membership with the UN Global Compact Network in Singapore to help us better implement the 10 Principles. 

In 2023, Vivo Asia implemented several labour policies to better protect the rights of our workers. This year we hope to begin a concentrated effort to reduce GHG emissions and waste.

looking ahead to more sustainable practices in 2024

Expanding our Engineering Team

Vivo Asia offers a unique proposition of highly skilled manpower from Sri Lanka combined with the business integrity of Singapore. 

Our expert team of engineers and technicians offer a range of engineering services related to Telecom, ELV and IT systems for industries in harsh and hazardous environments. 

We hope to gain trust and recognition from the industry as a efficient and reliable EPCM contractor.

expert engineering team in Sri Lanka

Staying true to our Singaporean Heart

Vivo Asia offers the high quality and integrity that comes with working with a truly Singaporean brand. 

We are extensively audited, certified and guarantee the highest efforts in any work we undertake. 

risk assessment before working on board a FPSO

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