Enhancing Helideck Safety with Helideck Monitoring Systems

Helidecks serve as vital platforms for helicopter operations on offshore installations, ships, and other facilities. Ensuring the safety of both personnel and equipment during helicopter landings and take-offs is of utmost importance. 
To achieve this, helideck monitoring systems have emerged as crucial tools.

Understanding Helideck Monitoring Systems

Helideck monitoring systems are advanced technologies designed to provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and recording of helideck conditions during all helicopter operations. These systems offer valuable data to operators and pilots, enabling them to make informed decisions and prevent potential risks.

Key Features of Helideck Monitoring Systems

Weather Monitoring

Equipped with weather sensors, these systems measure critical parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. This data helps operators assess the suitability of helicopter operations under prevailing weather conditions.

HeliDeck Status Indicators

LED lighting or visual indicators on the helideck’s surface are integrated with the monitoring system to display the status of the helideck. For example, they can indicate whether the helideck is ready for landing, refueling, or closed due to adverse weather conditions.
helideck monitoring systems

Motion and Position Monitoring

These systems can detect the motion and position of the helicopter during landings and take-offs, ensuring that the aircraft is adequately positioned on the deck and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Fire and Gas Detection

Fire and gas detection sensors may be incorporated to promptly identify any potential hazards, such as fuel leaks or fire outbreaks during refueling. 

Video Surveillance

Some advanced systems include high-definition cameras to provide live video feed of helideck operations to both the pilot and the operator onshore, enhancing situational awareness. 

The Benefits of Helideck Monitoring Systems

The primary advantage of helideck monitoring systems is their ability to significantly enhance safety during helicopter operations. By providing real-time data on weather conditions, helideck status, and potential hazards, pilots and operators can make well-informed decisions, reducing the likelihood of accidents. Additionally, the systems streamline operations by automating various monitoring tasks. This efficiency translates into quicker turnarounds, optimized flight schedules, and reduced downtime.

Get the Right Team

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