bizSAFE Level Star Certification

Vivo Asia Engineering and Trading Pte Ltd is happy to announce that we have upgraded our workplace health and safety level to bizSAFE Level Star on December 12th 2022.

bizSAFE level star
Official Certificate

bizSAFE is a nationally recognised capability building programme in Singapore, designed to help companies build workplace safety and health capabilities. 

In order to achieve level STAR, Vivo Asia fulfilled the following:

  • An accredited SS506 certificate, ISO 45001 certificate or equivalent certificate issued by the Singapore Accreditation Council’s (SAC) certification bodies; or
  • A non-SAC accredited ISO 45001 or OHSAS 18001 certificate and a valid Risk Management Audit Report (See bizSAFE Level 3).
Steps required to reach bizSAFE Level Star

We upgraded our workplace health and safety level to Level STAR from Level 3.

This achievement bears testament to the commitment we have to ensure Zero Injuries among our employees and partners. Our work can be dangerous as we work in hazardous conditions and handle heavy equipment.

We continue to improve our systems and processors so as to ensure the complete health and safety of our employees and partners.

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