wifi coverage study

Wifi Coverage Studies

WiFi Coverage Study

Conducting a WiFi coverage study involves analyzing and assessing the quality and strength of a wireless network’s signal in a particular area. This process typically includes measuring the signal strength and coverage area, identifying areas with weak or no signal, and developing solutions to improve coverage.

Conducting a Wifi Coverage Study for the Maritime Industry

Conducting a WiFi coverage study for the maritime industry using simulation software involves several key steps to ensure comprehensive and accurate results.

  1. Defining Objectives and Requirements
  2. Selecting the Simulation Software
  3. Gathering Vessel Information
  4. Inputting Data into Simulation Software
  5. Conducting the Simulations
  6. Analyzing Results
  7. Optimizing Network Design
  8. Documentation and Reporting

Conducting a WiFi coverage study using simulation software in the maritime industry requires careful planning and attention to detail. 

wifi coverage studies for the FPSO industry

Is A WiFi Coverage Study Worth It?

Conducting WiFi coverage studies for the maritime industry offers numerous benefits, ensuring optimal network performance and user satisfaction. It improves connectivity by enhancing user experience for passengers and crew, supporting critical operations, and enabling reliable communication throughout the vessel.

The study aids in optimal network design by accurately placing access points to maximize coverage and minimize dead zones, and by identifying and mitigating interference sources. This leads to cost efficiency by optimizing resource allocation and reducing network downtime.

The study also helps ensure regulatory compliance by adhering to maritime communication standards and providing thorough documentation. It also supports scalability and future-proofing by planning for future expansions and integrating new technologies. 

Get the Right Team

If conducted accurately, WiFi coverage studies can greatly improve efficiency and productivity. The engineers at Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading are well-versed and experienced in conducting WiFi coverage studies using simulation software such as iBwave, for industries that operate in harsh and hazardous environments. Contact us today!

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