Equipment and Products

Equipment & Products

We keep stock of components and spare parts to meet our clients’ urgent repair and service needs.

We specialize in explosion proof equipment and weatherproof equipment for industries that operate in harsh and hazardous environments. Our Team has been especially trained by industry renowned brands to install, repair and maintain their equipment. 

shipping explosion proof equipment

Why Choose Us?

Licenses & Certifications

Ensuring the right certifications and licenses for your equipment, according to industry standards.

Worldwide Delivery

Secure and fast shipping to wherever you are in the world. You can track the progress of your order.

product Integrity

In keeping with the high quality standards of Singapore, we assure excellent product quality.

Brands We Supply​

Over the years, Vivo Asia has partnered with some of the best brands in the industry for special equipment used in harsh and hazardous environments.  Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading is an authorized distributor of explosion proof equipment and spare parts from the following brands. 

explosion proof Equipment

We keep stock of components and spare parts to meet our clients' urgent repair and service needs.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Learn more about different types of equipment and their installation processes by our technical blogs.