Wifi Coverage Studies

Conducting a Wifi coverage study involves analyzing and assessing the quality and strength of a wireless network’s signal in a particular area. This process typically includes measuring the signal strength and coverage area, identifying areas with weak or no signal, and developing solutions to improve coverage.

How is a Wifi Coverage Study conducted?

Typically, WiFi signal strength meters or wireless site survey software is used to measure the strength and quality of the WiFi signal in a particular area. This information is then used to create a heatmap, which is a visual representation of the signal strength and coverage area. Heatmaps are useful for identifying areas with weak or no signal and determining the best location for access points.

wifi coverage studies heatmap

A physical site survey to assess the layout of the building or area and identify potential obstacles or interference sources may also be conducted. Once all the necessary data has been collected, it will be analyzed to determine the best course of action.

This information can be used to design a WiFi network that is optimized for the specific environment, including adjusting the placement or configuration of access points, adding new access points, or upgrading the hardware. Finally, the new network configuration will be tested to ensure that it meets the required performance standards.

wifi coverage studies in the industrial setting

Why are Wifi Coverage Studies Important?

WiFi coverage studies are essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals to ensure that their wireless networks are operating at optimal levels, especially in areas with high network traffic. 

By conducting regular WiFi coverage studies, businesses can identify areas that require network upgrades or improvements, such as adding new access points, adjusting the network settings, or upgrading the hardware. This, in turn, can help to improve the overall user experience and productivity.

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If conducted accurately, Wifi coverage studies can greatly improve efficiency and productivity. The engineers at Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading are well-versed and experienced in conducting wifi coverage studies using high-tech simulations, for a range of industries. Contact us today!

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